People dating violence awareness month 2016

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Each one of these items may play a role in an adulterous affair," he said.

The MDA on Friday said it has worked with Internet service providers to block access to the site, which "stood out (because) it aggressively promotes and facilitates extramarital affairs and has declared that it will specifically target Singaporeans." Members pay Ashley to contact each other.

The reported advance into Singapore, a society known for its strict social mores, has also prompted a Facebook petition with a rapidly swelling list of supporters - over 13,000 between its establishment on Wednesday and Friday morning.

The petition, "Block Ashley Madison from corrupting Singapore", states its objective is to "gather sound-minded people to express our objection to the establishment of the shameless company, Ashley Madison, that thrives on shattered marriages, in Singapore".

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Another supporter, Jason Ho, wrote that he had personal reasons to oppose infidelity.

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We provide a platform and social network for like-minded adults that cannibalises an already existing behaviour pattern." He said his company is "clearly addressing a demand" and even cited government statistics to back his claim.

"Ashley didn't invent infidelity, and infidelity has long been practiced in Singapore," he added.