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And since this is a social skills guide after all, I'll also address the social skills of dating. Healthy Relationships Defined What is a healthy relationship, and why is it important?

How to ask someone out, what to do on that first date---I'll cover it all. How To Have A Healthy Relationship How do you make sure that your relationship is healthy, positive and fulfilling?

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Romantic comedies and love songs tell us that all our problems will be solved if we just find the one right person. And everything from prom dances to Valentine's Day seems to exist to extol the virtues of dating. Having a special someone to share your experiences with makes life sweeter, and having someone who knows you deeply can help you understand yourself better too. It's easy to develop an unhealthy dependency on the person you are dating, or for manipulation and disrespect to poison the affection that you share.

Looks, charm and a great sense of humour are all very appealing, but there are other qualities women look for that aren’t spoken about as much.Being a confident conversationalist is very appealing to women.5) Being good with money If a man is a serial gambler who continuously takes out loans and spends beyond his means, it’s going to worry us.Dating is one of those areas in which there is little formal training.When I work with singles that are going through the process of dating, I believe that reading books, going to workshops and classes, and talking to others are ways to obtain dating life skills. They make comments like, “I don’t even want to think about dating” or “I hate dating” or “The thought of dating is so scary”.Show them examples of what happens when you’re dishonest to your friends, and how it can negatively affect your relationship.