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Biggs are renowned for moving silently, except for when attacking their prey - normally seals and sea lions.
“When they came home, he was like, ‘Get them out of the carrying case. ” Though Henry is a great help, Muench had to take the babies with her to work to feed them when they needed to be fed.

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Kate Upton is not tied to any athletes at the moment but she was recently featured in GQ Magazine.Prior to this shoot she was on the cover of the Sports illustradted Swim Suit edition., the lovely and talented host of NHL.com's creatively named "The Hockey Show." Judging from the traffic that post generated, her boffo interview over at Orland Kurtenblog, and the fact that there are a multiple active threads dedicated to her on the Washington Capitals official message board, I think it's safe to say that Ms.M is on the verge of blowing up (if she hasn't already).Lindsay Davis is the girlfriend of a new member of the Houston Rockets, Omer Asik. Lindsay also has been seen on Entourage, Franklin and Bash, as well as many other shows.Samantha Steele is sports reporter on The Longhorn Network, a sports channel dedicated to University of Texas.As we enter the denouement of 2010, let us reflect on all that the year has given us. Now I am not talking about world peace, charitable organizations or even uplifting tales of perseverance. But not just any sexy ladies—these are ladies that know their sports. All I ask is that you leave scathing comments below. That is sufficient enough information for me to wade through hours of soccer highlights and wildly entertaining cricket updates. Seriously, no matter what I write you are still keyed in on the Playmate thing. You can't have a sexy slideshow of female sportscasters without Erin Andrews. If you recall, she was sent lewd and suggestive text messages.

She officially has the saddest job in the business, unless it's football season, of course. She is the girlfriend of Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas.

In that interview with Kurtenblog, Carrie noted of her online admirers that "for every dozen or so cool emails there's one or two creepy ones that seep through." Whether or not our initial email to her was one of those may never be known, but either way she was kind enough to answer a few of our questions.

In fact, we're now "friends" (by the 21st Century definition of the word). Anyway, on to the interview (click any of the pics to enlarge 'em), and be sure to head over to Carrie if you just can't get enough Carrie.: If the show was called "Who Looked Hot On The Ice This Week Eh?

We are going on a journey to find the hottest sportscasters from around the globe. Hazel Mae, born in the Philippines, now works for the MLB Network. There was a summer in 2008 where she was just pretty but we don't talk about that here. She has been known to be scantily clad along the sidelines and generally make guys feel nice and warm all over.

If hard hits and blood on the ice weren't enough of a testosterone boost, you now get to ogle this beauty while you pound beers and watch Maple Leafs games. Georgie Thompson is a reporter for Sky Sports in England. She was the subject of a sex scandal involving Brett Favre.