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Core Data and Realm both handle your data as objects, so migration is usually very straight-forward: simply take your existing Core Data code and refactoring it to use the Realm API.After migrating, you should be thrilled with the ease of use, speed, and stability that Realm can bring to your apps.At first the Core Data framework may seem difficult to understand.But the API is intuitive and concise, and once you understand the Core Data stack, it starts to make sense, and you can quickly adapt to it.In these chapters the assumption was made that the i OS application code would directly manipulate the database using SQLite C API calls to construct and execute SQL statements.Whilst this is a perfectly good approach for working with SQLite in many cases, it does require knowledge of SQL and can lead to some complexity in terms of writing code and maintaining the database structure.Our object database is a simple alternative to SQLite and Core Data and proudly open source.Porting an app using Core Data to Realm is very simple indeed.

If any changes are needed, follow the instructions here: 360 Core: Changing a Resource Display.This complexity is further compounded by the non-object-oriented nature of the SQLite C API functions.In recognition of these shortcomings, Apple introduced the Core Data Framework.First things first, if your app is currently using Core Data, you’ll need to work out which parts of your codebase include Core Data code. Fortunately, there’s a handy way to do this: While you could manually perform searches on the codebase looking for the relevant code, a much easier solution is to simply delete the Core Data import statements at the top of your source files: Once this is done, every line of code implementing Core Data will throw a compiler error, and then it’s simply a matter of addressing each compiler error, one at a time.In Core Data, changes to model objects are made against a managed object context object. Suffice to say, before you can even begin to think about writing or reading data with Core Data, you usually need to have an implementation somewhere in your app to set up these dependency objects and to expose Core Data’s functionality to your app’s own logic.Once these topics have been covered, the next chapter will work through an An i OS 7 Core Data Tutorial.