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He was also a very selfish kid, something that his mother can take all the blame for by making him feel as though he was the center of the universe.

His scholastic record proved that he was far from outstanding, and from his average school years, he went on to a less-than-average working life that was littered with dismissals that were all linked to a his most outstanding flaw - Dishonesty. Other occupations Hans claimed included fashion designer, private detective, movie star and a tycoon. But despite his stupid lies, Hans had perhaps the most important thing in this world going for him, he was attractive. The first person who stupidly trusted Hans was Elly Hager-Segor.

As a parliamentary party participating in legislative elections, the NSB had some success during the 1930s.

It remained the only legal party in the Netherlands during most of the Second World War.

According to those he met during his adult years, he claimed to work for, amongst others, the C. In July 1964, She agreed to go out with the attractive liar, obviously deciding style was more important than substance.

At the end of her first date with Hans, he pretended that he had missed the last train home, and begged her to let him stay the night. In fact she probably wanted him to stay as they ended up 'making love'.

This result was achieved against the background of the economic hardship of the Great Depression.

Mussert's image as a reliable politician and his pragmatism allowed him to unite the different types of fascism and contributed to the party's success.

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Its per capita income is among the ten highest in the world and it is home to many world institutions, chief of which is The Hague.

However its main asset seems to be a high quality of life and a high degree of social tolerance.

This online presentation of the HABS/HAER/HALS collections includes digitized images of measured drawings, black-and-white photographs, color transparencies, photo captions, written history pages, and supplemental materials.

Since the National Park Service's HABS, HAER and HALS programs create new documentation each year, documentation will continue to be added to the online collections.