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With interracial relationships becoming common by each passing day, it is no wonder that the next generation of Americans are evolving as a complete different race with features that are unique.Aided by dating innovations and a new perception of racial indiscrimination, America is witnessing an emerging mega race from the amalgamation of people of color and the whites in America who are living harmoniously together.After 34 years of angst, heavy sighs, and charges of female stereotyping, the comic strip "Cathy" is coming to an end this October.

Countless women saw themselves in "Cathy" She survived the "feminist revolution, Princess Diana's wedding, shoulder pads..You Tube." Whether you consider Guisewite's efforts progressive or regressive, her character "embodied the voice of a generation of women stuck between their stay-at-home moms and, eventually, their text-obsessed daughters," says Toni Fitz76 at .He needs to be there for her; she has to be sure of him.But the most important thing, she says, as she points to her head: “It’s all up here.” We are in a cold, glass conference room at the We Work offices in downtown Manhattan.There are so many single moms out there who’re lost about how to date once again after break-up.Feeling sexy and hot again is the 1st obstruction to getting back on the dating stream, but once they have conquered that, they don’t have any idea on where to see a new friend. It’s not the most comfortable place to bare your soul to a matchmaker, but she is slowly opening up over the course of a 30-minute conversation.