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Trigger updating another table

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Hi, I try to create a trigger that behaves like described below: Table A (col p,q) p=column with productcode Table B (col r,s) r=column with same productcode as table A When updating column q from table A, column s from table B should get the same value when a row is updated with the same productcode.

For my Oracle application, at the time when P_delivery_date changes in P_ORDERS I want to transfere P_delivery_date to S_delivery_date in S_ORDERS for coresponding records.

It works in two steps:trg_test_insert is the name of the clients: means that the trigger waits for an action on the clients insert: means that the action the trigger is waiting for is an insert.begin …

end: The actions that the trigger will execute are written between the keywords begin and end.

A trigger waits that a user does an action on a database.

When it happens, the trigger launches a group of actions.

-- IF (TG_OP = 'DELETE') THEN INSERT INTO emp_audit SELECT 'D', now(), user, OLD.*; RETURN OLD; ELSIF (TG_OP = 'UPDATE') THEN INSERT INTO emp_audit SELECT 'U', now(), user, NEW.*; RETURN NEW; ELSIF (TG_OP = 'INSERT') THEN INSERT INTO emp_audit SELECT 'I', now(), user, NEW.*; RETURN NEW; END IF; RETURN NULL; -- result is ignored since this is an AFTER trigger END; $emp_audit$ LANGUAGE plpgsql; CREATE TRIGGER emp_audit AFTER INSERT OR UPDATE OR DELETE ON emp FOR EACH ROW EXECUTE PROCEDURE process_emp_audit(); A variation of the previous example uses a view joining the main table to the audit table, to show when each entry was last modified.

This approach still records the full audit trail of changes to the table, but also presents a simplified view of the audit trail, showing just the last modified timestamp derived from the audit trail for each entry.

sal_diff); END; / keyword if you want the trigger to query or change the same table, because triggers can only do that after the initial changes are applied and the table is back in a consistent state.

Because the trigger uses the clause, it might be executed multiple times, such as when updating or deleting multiple rows.