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As one might expect, the war is taking a heavy toll on basic services and vital infrastructure.

For the last few weeks Libyans have suffered power blackouts and shortages of gasoline and propane.

Data plotted to the map is put on a 24-hour delay in an effort to prevent the map from being mined for intelligence.

Operating in a war zone also means that, in some cases, the sourcing of events is obscured.

The Libyan authorities would continue to turn a blind eye - so long as they kept it quiet.

He requested his photograph not be taken, and only for his nickname to be used to avoid trouble in the people smuggling community.

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The lack of gas for cooking, in particular, has forced many people to prepare meals over wood fires, making life miserable for many.

The blackouts are the direct result of damage inflicted on power distribution units and power stations by the fighting.

The Libya Crisis Map’s operators offer admirable transparency in listing media and non-governmental organization sources used to populate the map.

However, informants on the ground in Libya associated with contributing organizations also provide information used to update events.