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“I don’t remember what I said, but it worked,” he said.

The company called him back for about five minutes of follow-up questions that day, and about a week later he was offered the job.

The start of Semester Two led to a change in some mentor timetables meaning mentoring time slots were swapped and mentors took up extra mentoring slots. Eckington, Rawmarsh & Aston Why did you become a mentor?

Jordan Troops was awarded as February’s Mentor of the Month for his help in taking up extra time slots and this is how he answered his 5 Minutes, 5 Questions: What are you studying? I knew about the US in School programme before I started university, as I was a mentee on the scheme when I was in Year 10.

Any time a person’s aroused, you can see in the face the cheeks are flushed, the lips are more full and the pupils will dilate.” Concludes our third and final five-minute dating expert, Lisa Clampitt, executive director of the Matchmaking Institute in New York: “In the caveman era, they would assess for size and skin color. The sad fact is there are sociopaths out there, and a lot of guys (and girls) who seem like the “glossy Polaroid” of a mate but are, in reality, people who are pretending to be what you want.

We’re still back in that world of assessing: Is this person friend or foe? Unless he’s drunk, then, yes, your date is crazy into you and may not want you to be aware of it.

Davis, who had been a welder and was looking to change careers, said, “They wanted to know why they should hire me within 30 seconds or so.” When he got to the company’s offices in Salt Lake City, Utah, there were 12 other job candidates waiting for the quick why-you-should-hire-me interview spiel.

When I was accepted into the University, one of the first things I did was check if the programme was still running.

Another problem with this approach is if your starting time is 31-05-17 it will not match on lines for 01-06-17 , etc.

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Note that I assume that "grepping" is intended to mean using Unix tools to filter for a desired subset of the available data.

The original error is likely due to a space between the date and time so that the examples you will get every line for a particular date, or for a particular second.