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What would you call this size of pocket watch though?

There is no serial number on the movement, only on the case back (inside). Can't find anything on Google for Wittnauer serial numbers. Since Longines bought out Wittnauer in 1936 I'm guessing that this is pre-1936. Wittnauer is one of the less well understood brands, and dating their watches is sometimes complicated.

This is not just for Longines, but for other watch manufacturers as well. Up into the 1890s, all of the Longines watches were brought into the U. However, by 1895, their importation was handled by A.

In the early 1800's Swiss watchmaking was truly a cottage-industry.

The hyphenated company name has lead to a lot of misunderstandings over the years.

As is quite commonly the case with Wittnauer, this movement is a product of Thommen-Revue, specifically a Thommen 73.

Albert Einstein indeed owned a Longines pocket-watch dating from 1943 which is now in the History Museum in Berne (Switzerland).

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I have a Longines 18k pocket watch that I received from my grandmother years ago. Here are some pics: I have to say it is pretty small for a pocket watch, it's more of a pendant size.

The point is that Wittnauer labeled watches have been with us for that entire period, and relatively few were sold under the Wittnauer name while they were active as an importer, so the likelihood is that your watch will date to the post-WW2 era.

Photos of the watch and movement, as well as the stampings in the caseback, may allow us to offer a more precise date.

Over 1,100 people were employed at the Longines factory by 1911. However, an approximation of a watch's date of manufacture may be obtained from several websites noted in the References section, below.

In seeking information about a watch, it is the serial number on the movement (the "works"), not the case, that is important. date lists - created by using the average number of watches produced over a period of years - to only be accurate within a year or two at best, and recognize that there are numerous exceptions wherein which the dates may be off as much as 3 years or more. and Canada during the nineteenth century and at least as early as 1884, movements were made to Fit Standard American-Sized Cases. Eugene Robert & Co., 30 Maiden Lane, New York City, NY.