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Sedating antihistamines effect is related to

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Histamine is stored in Antihistamines are medications that counteract the effect of the natural chemical histamine.

They are valuable drugs to reduce symptoms due to allergic diseases, especially those mediated by histamine.

As pruritus is sometimes troublesome for pregnant women topical medications like emollients should be tried first in the first trimester of pregnancy.

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Although many findings provide reassurance about the relative safety of many antihistamine drugs and that any malformation reported is most probably caused by chance, studies are still required to assure fetal safety.

In addition, each compound can have or not have parallel properties, antimuscarinic effects for example.

This distinction between generations must be taken with caution because a product considered as non sedative or not antimuscarinic can, in certain circumstances, large doses or particular susceptibility of the patient ,have these effects.

Second, they have unwanted side effects, particularly central nervous system and anti-cholinergic effects, and have the potential for causing severe toxic reactions which are not shared by second-generation H.

However, levocetirizine may cause somnolence in susceptible individuals while fexofenadine has a relatively short duration of action requiring twice daily administration for full all round daily protection.